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Platform capabilites


Access forensic artifacts from most versions of Microsoft Windows Workstations / Servers / Point of Sale, macOS, and Linux Systems including data and malware processes obscured by a compromised OS.


Forensically access computing endpoints across your entire enterprise from a single workstation.


Comprehensive search and detection capabilities deliver forensically-sound analysis – ensuring good cyber hygiene and improving the fidelity of enterprise-wide queries.


Search the content of your files for keywords, matching patterns, and more with results appearing as they’re found.


Virtually instantaneous forensic-level access to endpoints even in low bandwidth environments.


Perform forensic tasks without network downtime or user interruption, even when searching Microsoft Exchange mail servers.

ZERO-DAY detection

From zero-day Malware detection to proactive threat identification, our state-of-the-art platform and team of experienced forensic specialists help enterprises manage digital security risk and minimize financial losses.

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Responding to outside document requests, such as subpoenas, can be a complex and time-consuming task. Speed becomes very important as most document searches are iterative and search criteria are often modified and refined multiple times.

The unique distributed processing architecture enables it to rapidly search electronic file locations to return complete sets of documents within hours—without the need for an army of technicians to deploy to a customer’s site. Other tools and solution providers can take weeks to complete similar eDiscovery tasks. The superior speed and scalability  provides users with the industry’s most accurate and cost-effective eDiscovery solution.

In the event of a security breach, we provide unparalleled speed and scalability in identifying, analyzing and eliminating malware. By concurrently searching network endpoints, we are capable of discovering malware within minutes and fully resolving most incidents in less than one week. Traditional tools often take weeks just to determine if a loss has occurred and months to understand and eliminate malicious activity.

Our platform is the only Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that provides near real-time endpoint visibility on live processes in RAM, files on disk, and network connection telemetry data.

Our platform enables analysts and investigators to rapidly conduct sensitive investigations into employee misconduct, company policy violations, sexual harassment, employee pilfering of customer lists, the exfiltration of intellectual property, and other HR-centric infractions.

Our platform enables thorough investigation across all network assets with no workplace disruption to ensure maximum discretion and privacy. Using a distributed, parallel forensic processing infrastructure, our platform performs in-depth investigations in a fraction of the time needed by legacy technologies.

Our platform continuously monitors targeted endpoints on your network and logs access to your most valuable files. Proactive monitoring and alerting prevents data loss by notifying security personnel of unauthorized or suspicious behavior, such as when files get copied to removable media. Our platform also simplifies damage assessment by providing a comprehensive accounting of every person and every instance a file is opened, copied or moved.

Vulnerability assessments provided by other vendors typically involve a small sampling of the client’s IT infrastructure due to limitations in time, cost and the disruption caused to business operations. The result is an assessment report based on informed speculation.

Our platform’s threat assessment capabilities provide fast insight into vulnerabilities across client endpoints without impact to business or network operations. The rapid deployment, collection, and analysis of all endpoints results in a comprehensive identification of data breach activities, zero day exploits, insider threat, data leakage, and unapproved software installations.

Even the most sophisticated security monitoring and threat detection products will sometimes fail to prevent a motivated attacker from penetrating a network. Threat actors are constantly evolving, which is why our platform augments automated tools with proactive Threat Hunting by experienced analysts.

Proactive threat hunting adds another layer of protection by selecting endpoints for deeper analysis to discover if malware or malware persistence mechanisms exist. By concentrating on individual endpoints (especially core system endpoints, vulnerable, or edge/web facing endpoints), a human analyst can quickly discover anomalies that are designed to evade detection by automated tools. This is especially relevant in environments with poor cyber hygiene or core business computing needs that prevent computers from being regularly patched and serviced.

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