Always act proactive

Penetration Test

A hacker needs only one vulnerability to access your system but you have to secure them all

Why your organisation needs to be tested?

Over the last years technology has taken a rapid evolution in terms of cybersecurity. Day by day more people are involved in the field of security and that concludes that more and more choose to be malicious. From a kid who wants to learn hacking to a malicious organisation who wants to have a financial advantage your organisation is always at risk

In the year of digital transformation where everything gets to cloud and digitised  you have to check that every valuable asset of your organisation is kept safe.

Your valuable data are always valuable to an attacker. GDPR has changed how organisation store personal data and if leaked the attacker may get extra money and you possible get fined.

Our process

With years of experience we have developed a process in order to cover every aspect of security testing


The most important part of our process is enumeration in order to find all possible entry points to your organisation


After finding all possible entry points our security team tries to exploit them and gain access to your systems


Finally you will get a final report with all the vulnerabilities along with ways to remediate the risk at your organisation


Of businesses experience attacks every year


Of breach victims are small businesses


Of companies’ folders are properly protected

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