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Security Awareness

Sec_rity in not complete without U. More than 70% of all information security incidents are caused by human error.

Why you need to have security aware employees?

Security awareness training helps you build a robust technological defence against breaches. Technological defences require knowledge from people, setting your employees on a path to being more security conscious is the only way to go.

The increasing rating of security incidents have made regulators require security awareness trainings from companies in order to be compliant with specific certifications and laws.

Having continuous security awareness trainings to your employees will help them identify phishing emails and avoid malicious websites which may cause disruption to your business

Our process

With years of experience we have developed a process in order to cover every aspect of security awareness trainings


Our online platform includes videos, games and documentation to cover every possible scenario

Phishing Campaigns

After your employees have finished their training our platform will send automated phishing emails to evaluate the training



At the end of each phishing campaign a report is generated in order to keep track of your employees process

1 Billion $

Biggest phishing scam


Phishing emails per day


Of companies’ have security awareness trainings

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